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One of UK's leading maternity and newborn photographers, South Wales

Darren Whiteley LMPA is a Master photographer in Newborn photography, and is one in only three photographers in Wales who holds “newborn safety certificate”.

  1. Why must these session be taken within the first 14 days.
As a general rule,  Yes this is when your newborn is still very peaceful and in that newborn curl.  The first couple of weeks your newborn will change dramatically and that very precious newborn look will be gone forever. This is also the time when you are still getting used to have a new addition to your family and are also very busy with midwifes, health visitors and other members of the family call round, you often forget the tiny details.

  1. My friend has had good family photographs, she has told me he does newborns too, Would this be a good choice.
Maybe / Maybe Not, it’s great your friend has had a good experience with a photographer and we love to hear good stories about fellow photographers. However Newborn photography has its own very unique skill set  and not every photographer will have this skill set. From personal experience of being a general Portrait photographer, I had to go on specialist courses to understand this type of photography especially how to position and safety of newborns. Just because someone is an great photographer, maybe even award winning, does not mean they can photograph newborns.

  1. I got married recently, and my wedding photographer has offered me a deal to have my newborn photo session with him, would this be a good choice
As above, Your wedding photographer may have done an amazing job with your wedding, but have they got the skill set to do a great job with your newborn. (have they been trained and have experience) look at their portfolio and website if they just aim mainly at weddings and only use newborn sessions during their  quite months. Ask yourself this, Why did you choose your wedding photographer? Would you have chosen your wedding photographer if he had a great Newborn Portfolio, but didn’t specialize in weddings.  

  1. My mate has just bought a camera, and has decided he wants to be a newborn photographer
There is a lot of misperception about the photography industry, it seems all you have to do is pick up a camera and you are now a photographer and all photographers do is point and click. But if that was true my life would be a lot easier. Nobody is saying they can’t take good photographers, but is it consistent. As the Newborn window is so small do you really want to take that chance with an inexperienced photographer? As if they get it wrong, you may not be able to book a professional newborn photographer at such short notice as they are usually booked up months in advance.

  1. There are so many photographers saying they “specialise” in Newborns should I choose just on price.
Whenever you purchase anything we all tend to look at price, but you have to remember that old saying “you get what you pay for”. Going on price is not a good way to choose your newborn photographer.
BE AWARE OF “CUT PRICE” PHOTOGRAPHERS: Photography is a very expensive profession, with newborn photography being one of the more expensive sectors, as besides the standard photography running costs, hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year spent on props, backdrops and courses designed especially for newborns and their safety. If anyone proclaims they can do a Newborn session plus all images on a disc for £50 to £100 alarm bells should be ringing.
Choose a professional photographer and someone who specializes in Newborn photography. If someone is good at their job the price will reflect that. Cut price photographers often offer a second grade service and are often the least experienced, remember the photographer will not only be taking the photographs they will be handling, positioning, and soothing your baby.

  1. Home or studio (we only offer Studio)
This is a personal choice, there are pros and cons with both.
At home:

  1. What should I look for in a newborn photographer
Look at their portfolio:
Every photographer will have their own style, does their style suit what you like and want on your wall
Are the images Relaxed, Timeless and classic
Is the baby the main focus or is the scene the main focus
Babies should always look Relaxed, comfortable and safe.

  1. Is the Professional photographer trained and experienced with Newborns
Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer about their training and experience with newborns. While the photographic industry is unregulated in the UK and no need for formal qualifications, a professional newborn photographer will have invested in professional training and always have professional insurance. If they haven’t had professional safety training, do you really want to hand them your baby.
A Newborn photographer should be able to tell you when and where they have had their safety and training and how often they keep this updated.
Equally important is experience: An experienced photographer will be very comfortable holding all newborns no matter what size they are. They should also be able to settle and soothe even the most unsettled babies and even show you a trick or two for you to use at home.

  1. Is the photographer a member of any newborn specific associations EG BANPAS
There are many associations for photographers but very few specifically for newborn photographers.  The best Newborn photographers will most likely be member of BANPAS (Baby and Newborn association) and members will proudly display this.
To become a member, they will have needed to prove that they have professional insurance as a very minimum. Being a member will demonstrate that they are committed to following a code of professional conduct, set out by the organisation, which has the best interests of your baby in mind.

  1. Complex and advanced poses
They are many complex and advance poses, these should always be done with safety in mind. Many of these images are composite images (several images taken and put together to get that perfect image). Being in the industry we have heard of some horror stories of inexperienced untrained photographers trying complex posing and dropping babies. If you don’t look at anything else, always make sure your baby is in safe hands